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Read more of our thoughts and learn from the experts.


Read more of our thoughts and learn from the experts.

Invisalign vs braces: Which option is for you?

If you are reading this article, your dentist may have informed you that you needed an orthodontic procedure to solve your teeth misalignment. He may have referred you to a partner orthodontist, or he would have done the solution himself. Whoever performs the...

How do braces work? : A closer look at dental braces

When you visited your orthodontist, he advised you that you need to have your teeth appropriately aligned. He gave you options on how to orthodontically correct your teeth alignment and bite. Although your orthodontist already explained it, you still feel unsure as to...

Full face orthodontics: Do I need one?

We all know that orthodontics is the field of dentistry related to teeth and jaw alignment. Common orthodontic treatments such as the use of dental braces, removable dental aligners, and retainers for maintenance offer solution to crooked, overcrowded teeth, as well...

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